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I had a computer failure yesterday and have no access to any of the comments posted on my blog, not that I was being bombarded with comments. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call it operator error rather than computer failure, but regardless of semantics, it’s annoying that I can’t “see” what anyone has posted. My archive has vanished, so I figured it would be a good time to tweak the focus of the blog. I created this website and blog myself and am taking care of the hosting and publishing through my account with Apple (I’m a Mac person; I’ve never even touched a PC), so I’m learning as I go.



Although I’ve been reading GF food blogs for years now, I had no idea how many wonderful bloggers were out there doing the same thing until I launched into this endeavor three weeks ago and got more involved in the blogosphere (or whatever it’s called). Cindy, of cindalouskitchenblues, left me a comment that was vaporized with all (I use the term “all” loosely) the rest of your comments, noting that she was happy I was blogging about health and nutrition for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

That comment reminded me of my original intention with this blog, which had drifted a bit. I’m looking at this as a sign to change gears and dive into my science, nutrition, and exercise background, rather than post recipes only.

So, let the idea of daily recipes “rest in peace.” Thank you, Cindy, for inadvertently reminding me that my background is science, not just food and cooking. There are already so many of you out there posting the most amazing recipes that I will throw some of mine into the pool, but I’ll stick to what I know best; nutrition, exercise, and yoga.

Onward . . . and stay tuned (please).

In good health,

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