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Montina is the trade name for a baking flour made from Indian Ricegrass (it’s not related to rice). The flour is milled from the seed of the wild rice grass used by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. It’s naturally gluten-free and is high in protein and fiber. It’s grown in the Northwestern United States and milled and packaged in a gluten-free facility in the small town of Ronan, Montana. Doesn’t that just seem like it would taste good (and it does)! The website has a long list of tasty recipes and links to retailers who sell the flour and baking mixes. It’s a great addition to our growing collection of gluten-free “alternative” flours.

I didn’t make the Montina bread pictured above, Dana at XDC Confections in Denver gets the credit. But I did go on a nice hike in Colorado’s high country today and brought along a sandwich made from the flour and I have to say, although the picture doesn’t do it justice, it tasted absolutely wonderful at 13,000 feet! And because the bread’s a bit hardy (in a good way), it doesn’t totally fall apart when it’s shoved down into a backpack. It travels well, even at high altitudes!

The other snacks featured in the photo are apple slices and almond butter. Yum! Everything tastes good when you’re wandering around in the great outdoors.

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  1. Jenny O says:

    I’ve made the bread on the Montina four bag – it’s delicious!

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