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Eat all your wholesome CSA or Farmer’s Market power food and you’ll be dancin’ in the streets like this guy.

I’d suggest you tell your kids that if they eat their veggies they’ll be able to do stuff like this — but then again, it might happen and you’d be stuck with a kid who does stuff like this. Yikes!

Go forth and eat your power veggies. Stay tuned, I’ll post a “hearty greens” recipe tomorrow. This one’s just for fun.

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7 Responses to “organic veggie power”

  1. Eating my Farmer’s Market asparagus, cauliflower, spinach and kale right now… hmmm… am I doing something wrong? I’m still sitting firmly in my chair.

  2. CoconutGal says:

    Hmmm, I’d like to hear what he eats- seriously. This guy is crazzzzzy!!!

  3. Melissa says:


    I doubt that guy even owns a chair. He probably hangs from the rafters while eating. But I agree, I’ll just sit and relax while eating my greens, too. Maybe even scan an “easy living” magazine.

  4. Melissa says:


    I just couldn’t resist with this video. It’s amazing to watch this guy and I’m always so blown away at what the human body can do. I love it — he’s fun to watch.

    Food? Hmmm, he must be getting plenty of protein — oh, and Popeye spinach.

  5. I’m glad I didn’t watch this BEFORE I took my nap yesterday … I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. LOL

    Tomorrow I am upping my power veggies and I’ll don sports wear just in case this happens to me! 😉


  6. Melissa says:


    I’m not sure what he’s eating, but whatever it is, it’s working!

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I am part of the same CSA and have been looking for something to do with all the good food!

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