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Meme? I don’t know what meme means. Kelly, one of the hip and groovy celiac chicks, meme’d me. Huh?

Geez, I’m confused enough as it is with this new blog endeavor, now I’ve been meme’d.

What’s a meme, anyway?

The word “meme” comes from evolutionary biology and was coined in 1976 as a “unit of cultural transmission.” It’s a piece of societal thought passed from person to person, like gene replication passes from generation to generation. The word was specifically intended to sound like “gene.” It’s “meme,” not me-me. Oh, okay, now I get it. Kind of anyway.

According to Richard Brodie at Meme Central, “Memes are contagious ideas, all competing for a share of our mind in a kind of Darwinian selection.” Sounds a bit like blogging.

So, I’ll follow Kelly’s lead and post something meme-ish about me (see below). Then I’ll pass it along to Gordon, who is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He’s trekking and blogging as the Breadless Horseman and is raising funds for celiac awareness in the process. He’s been hiking since last spring and is probably about to emerge from the 100 mile wilderness in Maine, grubby and ready for a gluten-free beer. He’s almost finished with 2,000 miles of hiking from Georgia to Maine. Wow, very impressive! Congratulations, Breadless Horseman!

Here goes (random facts about me)

• I have DQ2, what about you?

• I grew up skiing, hiking and hanging out in the mountains

• Yoga, yoga, yoga

• Telemark skiing

• Backpacking and climbing (backpacked the whole Wind River mountain range in WY, from one end to the other)

• Good food, family and friends! Yippee!

One Response to “meme me?”

  1. Lizzie says:

    You rock, Melissa! I don’t know much about the Wind River mountain range, but the name elicits images of high-winds and tough terrain, and the fact that you were out there for a month is inspiring!

    Having hiked when I was in the Boulder, CO area in September and having the altitude kick my butt, I am totally impressed with the cilmbs of CO’s mountains.

    Oh, and if your daughter does create a GF bakery in Chicago, do spread the word 🙂

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