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March is National Nutrition Month.

You all knew that, right?

Aren’t there festive parades scheduled for your city? Here in Colorado we have prune parties and turnip green galas planned throughout the month. You can catch me (Miss Eggplant) blowing kisses and tossing Brussels sprouts from a horse-drawn vegetable cart during this Saturday’s National Nutrition Month parade through downtown Denver. It’s a big deal.

Okay, so no one’s ever heard of it.

Well β€” now you know, so let’s start celebrating.

I took the above photo yesterday while on my weekly trip to the market. Yes, weekly now that I’m on a serious budget and am protecting myself from overspending on bok choy. Most women go shoe shopping when times get tough, I head for the organic veggie isle at my local market, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. Seriously, doesn’t this produce look beautiful? I love this Natural Grocer and they’ve provided me with everything I’ve needed while I’ve been in mourning the past few months, waiting for my favorite farmers to start delivering my organic veggies and fruit again.

When that happens, look for weekly nutrition tips, recipes, and information as we go through the growing season. I’m planning to post about whatever the bounty is for that week, including ways to use every bit of it. No wasting. I’m planning some good stuff for that 26 week period. Stay tuned β€” and join a CSA.

In the meantime, since it is National Nutrition Month, check this past post I did listing my top tips for healthy eating. And for the latest information on how to avoid pesticides, check out the Environmental Working Group’s data on pesticides and human health. They also have a handy little shopper’s guide you can download and take with you so you know which fruits and vegetables are the highest and lowest in pesticides. Organic is usually the best choice, but when we have to pick and choose for financial reasons this list will help you make the best choices. They also explain in detail why you should care about pesticides in your food.

Go forth and celebrate National Nutrition Month with me!

12 Responses to “national nutrition month”

  1. I laughed when I read about your overspending on bok choy! Heck, buying red peppers today was a costly proposition. Thanks for letting me know it’s National Nutrition month!! Hey, eat all the green stuff and you’re also appropriately celebrating St. Paddy’s Day! ;-)I’ll share this post with my group in my next email.

    I love your top tips for healthy eating. I think I’d read those before here (or one of the ohter places you write), but it’s good for the reminder. Thankfully, so many of them are common sense and things I practice already.

    Huge bummer on the pesticide data. I was particularly disheartened to see my beloved apples second on the list. I am glad the pink lady apples I’ve eaten this week were organic. But I was encouraged to see avocados and onions at the bottom (the good place to be!).

    Thanks, Melissa!

  2. We must be coping with waiting for fresh vegetables to be in season in the same way – I made some spring rolls this week too (for the first time in my life). I’m definitely looking forward to my CSA starting up and I am glad I will have a guide in helping me cook all of the various produce we receive each week!

  3. Elsie Nean says:

    Well Hello, Miss Eggplant. I shall never think of you in the same way again :). You just need to ask Cid for her yellow socks. What a pitty that we are missing this treat and are unable to catch your sprouts for our sunday lunch :(.
    Great photo and good tips, thank you.

  4. Cid says:


    Elsie is quite right, with the addition of my famous yellow leggings you could be the star attraction…. mind you, you probably are already πŸ™‚ Let’s hope someone takes a photograph of you in action so we can all see what’s involved in the annual sprout throwing festival…. I’m just wondering whether we should have something similar here, if we did then I suspect it might lack the joie de vivre that Denver provides πŸ™‚ Have an excellent weekend and tell us all about it afterwards.


  5. greedydave says:

    Miss Eggplant,
    Your opening paragraph had me giggling to the point of tears and conjured up some unnerving mental images. πŸ™‚

    National Nutrition Month? Yep, erm… I knew that. Oh, the cynic in me wants to point out that these, ‘National This weeks,’ and,’National That Months,’ are organisation/association marketing drives designed to fill the wallets of Executive Directors. But what the hell, I’m not in a cynical mood, more in the mood to catch kisses and brussels sprouts.

    A lovely vibrant photo to accompany your post too. Hey, would they be beets at the front and center? On Melissa’s blog? Have you heard the expression, “you could knock me down with a feather?” πŸ™‚

    Hey you, have a fab time down in New Mexico. Looking forward to hearing of the hijinks you get upto.


  6. Melissa says:

    Hey all,

    I’m out of town right now and not in a position to leisurely write responses, although all of your comments deserve them. You all write so well, have such charming senses of humor and you each have such good information to share. Thank you!

    I do agree with GDave about the marketing ploy though. Most of these events are simply an excuse to make some money (or raise awareness, which is good). Luckily there are no drippy Hallmark cards to accompany National Nutrition Month.

    Whatever the case, I’m going to enjoy my Miss Eggplant crown and wear it every chance I get. In fact, I’m wearing it right now and it’s only 6 AM. Yes, it even goes well with flannel cowboy jammies. It’s all sparkly with aubergine gemstones. I’ll loan it out periodically if you ladies are interested.

    Take care,

  7. Cid says:


    I would love to wear your Miss Eggplant crown… sounds like it would go well with the rest of my questionable flamboyant wardrobe. Trouble is I’d feel bad about the fact that I hadn’t actually earned it. What’s left for me then…. well there’s always the UK Macaron crown but that might look like a giant pastel coloured flying saucer…. and anyway I’m not sure I’d win that either πŸ™‚


  8. Kay says:

    I’m so into pesticide-free organic produce that I’ve spent the last three evenings hauling horse manure from the driveway waaaay down to the compost bin. Nearly done! Healthy living is a lot of work!

    BTW, I planted. Radish, lettuce and snow peas in the garden yesterday.

  9. Melissa says:


    Actually, it’s more of a tiara than a true crown, so it might suit you quite well. Miss Macaroon sounds far more exotic than Miss Eggplant. You don’t have to “win” it, you can just appoint yourself Miss Macaroon. I love that about life — just “be” whoever you want to be regardless of what other’s think.

    The only caveat is to be pleasant and respectful and you have both those qualities. Plus, you are absolutely oozing quirky charm, so I suggest you go for it. We can share the tiara.


  10. Melissa says:


    Radish, lettuce, and snow peas? Yum, where do you live? I’ll be over to visit in a few weeks.


  11. Lo says:

    Melissa – I so love coming here. You’re always a hoot! Not to mention a virtual stockpile for good, healthy info.

    I’m so excited that it’s spring — and that means the fresh veg are right around the corner. I’ve got my gardening boots on, and can’t wait!

  12. Melissa says:

    Lo — the feeling is mutual. Don’t you know I’d love a blog called “BURP β€” where food happens”? You are just my style!

    Bummer, I don’t have any gardening boots and I’m jealous. Photos, please.


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