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Well, that’s what it looked like. Murky, camo-green and all.

Plus, I’m hooked on alliterations, and those “s” words flowed together so well. Although I must say, swamp scum probably isn’t the most keyword-worthy phrase. Not that I’ve ever cared much about keywords. In my own blog world, anyway. If I write copy for you, I’m TOTALLY into keywords. TOTALLY.

I suppose if I’m going to take this blogging thing seriously, I should start thinking tagline options, SEO, keywords, analytics and metadata. Don’t you think? After all these years?


Just the mention of metadata gives me brain freeze. And without the accompaniment of a huge bite of ice cream, that’s just not fun.

Okay, on to the serious business of figuring out what to do with all this spinach. I’m almost sure someone at my CSA pickup location slipped some of their spinach into my box.

Fine. If anyone can manage an abundance of spinach, it’s me. I’ll take on the challenge.

Nancy Drew meets the Green Goddess (ooh, that would have been a great title).

swamp scum smoothie
what you need

SPINACH (if you don’t have any, I’ll share), washed with stems *
1 golden beet unpeeled, scrubbed, trimmed and chopped *
1 small apple unpeeled, scrubbed and chopped *
1 cup vanilla goat yogurt
a handful of frozen cherries
a handful of pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
coconut water

what you do
1. Place all ingredients in your VitaMix and blend well. If you have a regular blender, shred the beets rather than chopping them.

* The skins of beets and apples contain all kinds of beneficial nutrients and fiber, so choose organic and leave the skin intact. Scrub well, but don’t peel. If you don’t go with organic, then you might want to get rid of the skin as it’s probably been sprayed with an assortment of icky chemicals. Spinach stems contain some nourishing goodies as well, so throw some of them into the mix.

Go forth and celebrate spinach (again and again). No complaining. This is what “eating local” is all about. Especially in Colorado.
Peace, love and green stuff!

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12 Responses to “swamp scum smoothie”

  1. Alta says:

    Sounds good and it makes you feel good! Hmm, I see a similar smoothie in my future. I just picked up a big bag of spinach Saturday at the farmers market. And while I don’t have golden beets, I do have red ones, complete with the tops! Those are totally going in too.

  2. lo says:

    And this is one of the many reasons why we love you — cuz we READ when the title is … er… less than SEO compliant!

    This smoothie is the reason why I’m TOTALLY lobbying to buy a Vitamix. I can’t wait to have enough power in my blender to be able to ingest greens & fruit in a single bound!

  3. This looks good. I’m just starting to do green smoothies and trying to do them every day (not quite succeeding yet). Can’t wait to try this one.

  4. Lisa Simmons says:

    Sounds like something I’d like to try. Is the beet raw or cooked? Thanks!

  5. I absolutely love spinach in my smoothies and even in my ice cream (remember my mint chocolate chip ice cream where the spinach supplied the green coloring?). I’m a sucker for alliteration, too. 😉 As long as this swamp scum smoothie is not delivered by swamp thing himself (or herself, of course), I’ll gladly take it. 😉 I could actually use a smoothie for my afternoon cravings. 🙂


  6. Melissa,
    You may be receiving a letter from my lawyer. Since I catch up on Google Reader while getting in a little activity on the treadmill, I laughed so hard I almost fell down. Luckily, I am fine.
    Seriously, I need a VitaMix in a bad way. And I’m going to have to look for Shirley’s mint ice cream recipe.

  7. Miles says:

    Sounds great, might have to re word it for one of my menus though 🙂


  8. Melissa says:

    Hi all — the 4th of July holiday has set me back on my blog comment responses. Sorry about that!

    I’m playing catch-up!

    Thank you to all of you. I always (ALWAYS) read every word and like to respond individually, but considering how far behind I am with things lately, I’m going to do a quick group response (sort of).

    Alta — beet greens are awesome. I never let them go to waste!

    Lo — of all people, you need a VitaMix! Lobby the company to give you one. They are ridiculously expensive, but worth every penny!

    Danika — Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Hey, we do what we can! It’s hard to stay committed EVERY day. =)

    Lisa — I use raw beets in all my smoothies. Now that I have a VitaMix, I just chop them in big chunks and throw them in first. When I used my old-school blender, I shredded them. There’s a bit of raw fiber texture when you have a regular blender, but it’s good. The kids wouldn’t even know they were eating raw beets.


  9. Melissa says:


    Chlorophyl is a great green food coloring — plus, it’s packed with vibrance. And beet juice for red food coloring. Yes, I love your ice cream recipes and the spinach is just perfect.

    Swam thing? Hmmm? Seems I did a post on that once. Must check.

    You’re so right. I always do smoothies for breakfast, but they are a great afternoon pick-me-up!

  10. Melissa says:


    You crack me up! And you are another one who should not be without a VitaMix. But I know what you mean. It took me years to get the nerve up to pay that much for a blender. Money well spent, believe me! Especially for someone like you.

    I’m probably paying more in electric bills since I got it though. It has more power than my old Nissan Pathfinder!

  11. Melissa says:


    Well, I suppose a fancy English Inn should have more sophisticated menu items. I agree!


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